Friday, April 5, 2013

Just a quicky!

Just a quick update to my last post.
I got my Saltwater sandals in the day of my previous post, and I love them!
I have very big and wide duck-feet, so it's always a real challenge to find shoes that fit.
But these do! And I even like the way they look! Woohoo!
Now, of course the weather needs to warm up a bit before I know how they walk for long periods of time..
But I've been wearing them around the house and so far so good!

The skirt is also a new addition to my wardorbe.
It's a 100% cotton (which I prefer by far, especially for summer) and perfect for a nice summers day, I think!

I've also gotten on with painting the chair frames
The left is how I originally painted them, and the right one has a pearlescent copper paint on top.
I'm not quite sure how I like them. Even when dry it looks messy and streaky, and in some light the pearlescent paint just seems to disappear (and the frame looks gold again)..
And I am definitly not liking the way that paint paints, it's a real pain!
However, I think I do still prefer it to the left one, the gold one. In real life that was very green-gold, and sort of clashed with the blue/green on the chairs...
I just finished them, now fingers crossed and see how they turn out!

Now, what to do with that table top...?
So many options!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Minty spring

I do love spring, even though a few days ago it was still snowing here..
You won't hear me complain though, because I love snow, and we very rarely get much of it (not that this is much, it's gone before it hits the ground), so I'm loving every flake!

And because I feel like I am no where near ready for spring, let alone summer (due to the humidity over here, most definitely not my favourite season)!
I am not talking about being "swimsuit ready" because I believe everybody is always swimsuit ready, it really depends on the swim suit!
No, every spring I get the urge to do some spring cleaning, which is all well and good, but this year I am not only spring cleaning, I am finally getting some diy stuff done in our home!
And let me tell you, it is about time!
After the wedding we were so burned out, diy-ed out, that the though of having to unpack, sort through, or even pick up a single paintbrush felt exhausting. I really felt like I hit a brick wall.
But no more!
Apparently, if you just wait long enough the urge to go on, to pick up that brush, look inside that box just gets the better of you. And I am sure glad it did!

But now I feel like I can't get things done fast enough!
So I have to watch out a bit, and pace myself, before I diy-burn-out myself again, lol!

Last week (or was it the week before that?) I got the urge to paint our bedroom wall. It had been too bland, white for me!
Since the whole house is still a work in progress it is a mess everywhere. And to be honest, it has been getting to me a bit. So I decided to make one room nice. To make one room a haven from all the mess and all the clutter (and a constant reminder of what has to be done). It won't be perfect (also because I won't be able to paint the outside till summer), but it will be wonderful!
So, I painted, and painted, and then the thing that has never happend to me before, I ran out of paint!
So I had to get new paint, but I finished that wall! Even while it was dark (and I had to redo a lot of it the next day)!

And as by magic the bed we wanted came on sale, don't you just love it when things like that happen?
I felt so lucky! We even had enough saved to buy it (which is a small miracle in and of itself).
Of course, we had to modify it a bit, because it's not made to go around a box spring, but we got creative, got cutting and got it to fit!
 I love that bed!
For those who have seen my Pinterest account, you know how much I have been looking at beds like this!
I was going back and forth between the white one (which was cheaper) and the black one. During the sale the were both the same price, so we decided to go with the black one. And I am very happy we did!
As you can see, Maggie approves!

I'll probably show and tell you more about the things I've done these past weeks, but now I want to focus on spring!

So, a few weeks ago I sown some cress. Or rather, sprinkled it on a plate covered in wet kitchen paper (for me this works best). I always have to keep my fingers crossed it will be ready in time for Easter!

Oh, and see what that plate is sitting on?
That is my new cutting board.
I never had a real "fancy" cutting board. I treated it with oils for more then a week before I started using it. I even put tiny feet on the other side, to prevent it from sitting in moisture.
Not only is it great for cutting, it also raises the work-service by about 1,5 inches, which my back really appreciates. Sometimes that extra inch makes all the difference.

With spring comes Easter.
I like Easter. I like chocolate. With Easter comes chocolate, so that is good.
I like Easter because it is a good excuse to have a big fancy brunch sometimes with family and/or friends. Or in our case, just my husband and I.
It kind of feels like Christmas, but without the family obligations/drama (in our case visiting family means a lot of time spend travelling by train, not my favourite), without the present-pressure, and did I mention there is chocolate? And Easter usually brings spring. The first rays of sunshine, the first buds blooming (or this year, just budding) and the birds singing. And with spring come the first spring dresses and skirts! Love that.

Our Easter brunch.
See the cress? It made it on time, yay!
And that huge loaf of bread? That is my home-made Easter Stol Bread. It has lots of yummy nuts (almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts. I would have added cashews as well, but I was all out), dried fruit (dried apricots, dates and raisins) and almond paste (with some lemon zest and juice in it, to make it taste extra nice) in it.

I had actually hoped we could have had brunch on our (new to us) dining table and chairs. But I am still painting them, so that did not work out.
The metal frames of the chairs are actually painted gold (almost a week later the house still smells of that paint) but I'm not completely happy with them (the gold is too green, if that makes sense) so when I'm finished with this post I'm going to go on working on them (if you want to see how the chairs looked when we bought them, please check out my Instagram account, user name OldeSarah).
The table is sanded and we're changing our minds daily as to what to do with it. We don't have enough paint to paint the table top the same colour as the chairs...
The table used to have an old fashioned wooden leg but I replaced it with an old stool. I think it works pretty well.

Because it's spring I am preparing for summer.
Spring just goes by so fast, before you know it we're in the middle of a heat wave!
This is the first year I am trying to be really prepared for summer.
I bought a cute cotton skirt and a few tops.
I also ordered some sandals because by the time it's really hot and I decide I need sandals my size is always completely sold out. I ordered a pair of the famous/infamous Saltwater Sandals (and a link to the European dealer, where I ordered mine) in navy. I still don't know if I love them or not. They are not "cute" (but really, nothing in my size is..) but supposedly they are very comfortable. We'll wait and see.. Hopefully they will arrive soon. Normally I go for the more '40's  look, with open-toed shoes that only show the first two toes, but apparently these sandals have been around since the '40's, so I can still maintain my somewhat vintage-feel (attempted) style.

Aaand I bought an ice-cream maker!!!
I'm actually not a huge ice-cream eater, luckily my husband is, but I was a bit wacky due to some paint/wood treatment fumes, and it was in mint! So it goes perfectly with my (somewhat) '50's style/coloured kitchen! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful springtime!
Or autumn/fall (my favourite season), depending on where you are!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Light my night

So now the nights are getting longer and the days shorter the lamps in our home go on more often
While they're standing there, patiently waiting to be turned on, they are pretty amazing already!

My night-light.

Pineapple lamp. Every home needs one.

Next week will be my husbands and minde one year anniversary.
And I still, still, have no idea what to get him!
At first I wanted to get him a watch. And we looked into that, but the watch he loves is quite a bit over my budget.. And, the shipping time is long, a few months. So that is probably more a Christmas/birthday/next years anniversary gift.
I am usually a pretty good gift-giver (at least, I like to think I am!), but with my husband, the person I am closest to, I am blank.... Every time, It's a challenge!

Me? I'm pretty easy to please. Or, at least I'd like to think so..
Yes please!
A charm for my charm bracelet?
Yes please!
Any type of jewelry really... I'm not picky.
And then there are kitchenwares!
Oh my! I love stuff for the kitchen!
(I'm still hoping for one or two pizza stones. I don't know why, but I seldom buy things like that for myself..)
One of my favorite gifts my husband got me this year was a mixing bowl!
Yes, a mixing bowl.
It was a gift for our meeting-each-other anniversary, and it's still standing in our living room, it is that pretty!

THE mixing bowl. It's blue.. love blue...

On the other hand I would feel insulted if i got a frying pan..., but a Dutch oven would be ok...
Hmm, ok, come to think of it, maybe I am not as easy to get a gift for as I thought...

I love baking and cooking, but I am terrible when it comes to vacuuming, doing dishes, that sort of thing..
I really think I am missing the home-maker gene... I did get the cooking and baking gene, just not the cleaning gene..
Some people do. I obviously don't.
Let's just say, I can't wait to get our dishwasher hooked up!
We're hoping we're going to get the pluming done for that, this year! Woohoo!

As scone has to be square to be hip these days.

I am sure I won't be able to keep it up to post a Maggie picture, every single post.. But I still have a couple of good ones left!

Such a happy face! Sorry for the blur, she is a fast-moving pug!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall-ing into autumn

So, we decided to stay!!!
For now anyway.
We might still move, and if it's nessicairy, then we will. And if we do, it will be fine.
Talk about first-world problems, we have two houses, oh my! Still, things like that, just the insecurity, the not-knowing what will happen can be scary and definitely takes a toll on you. It's good to put things in perspective sometimes..

It does feel good to know we will be here for at least a while. So we can start putting our closets together, and unpack!
I am so excited about that!
Maybe a little less excited when I look at all the things I want to do, but I'll take it as a good opportunity to do "one thing at a time". I can feel a little overwhelmed sometimes. Especially when there are so many things that "have" to be done. It kind of scares me, and I don't get anything done. So I want to change that and set small, manageable goals for myself.

You see that door on the left? Yes, at the edge of the picture! That is our home! And those windows to the right of that door? Yep, our windows!

Now I have all sorts of goals set for myself to finish before Christmas! (I have to try to rememberer to keep it SMALL) I need a deadline now and then :p!
I want to paint the stairs (even if it's just a prime coat) and empty our box/storage/largest bed-room, and put together our closets and put our clothes in it!
Amazing, closets for clothes! Who knew I could get so excited about that, lol!

And it's autumn, or fall, whatever. It's the best season, in my opinion! I love spring too (and it least that only has one name)

The pond in front of our house...

I LOVE fall/autumn! I love the way the air smells, the changing leaves, the mushrooms, the fallign of the leaves, and yes, I even like the rain! Not so much when I have to be outside, but I love sitting inside with a nice cupp of tea, or coco and read a good book, or watch a sweet or scary movie, and just snuggle up on the sofa with Joris, Maggie and a blanket, pure bliss.
Oh and let's not forget Pinterest, I can go a little bit Pinterest crazy. If I'm being totally honest... I have already been pinning ideas and inspiration for Christmas...
And food! Oh my! The fooood!
When summer is gone, I always get this urge to cook and bake! I think it's partly because it's finally cool enough to spend time in front of a hot stove, but also the feeling of warm, cozy, comfort food..

The 72 salty-cookies I baked for my fathers birthday. I bake as many cookies as years-old he is. It's our tradition.

Even though fall/autumn is really and truly here, some plants in our garden still seem to think it's summer!
I have a passion for passionflowers! This was a birthday gift form my mother. And it's still going strong in October!

I have no idea what this plant is, but it sure gives a nice POP of colour when the skies are grey!

I'm still no good in taking my actual camera with me. I feel a little self-conscience taking pictures with such a big Camera, that's right, capital C.
So for now I have some Instagram pictures for your viewing pleasure! Don't judge, Instagram is great!
I am sure other/better pictures will appear here, but I think I will always use (some) Instagram/cell-phone pictures as well!

Of course, I could not have a blog post without a Maggie picture. I know they are not mandatory, but she is just too cute not to take pictures of!
Dear, sweet Maggie... Too cute for my good..

And then, the perfect fall/autumn symbol!
I love these mushrooms! I was always told they are poisonous, so Maggie is not allowed near then (seriously, she will eat anything.).
I looks so perfect, it looks like it comes right out of a fairytale!
 Seriously, is it even real?

And a few more lovely fall/autumn pictures, just because I like them so much, and it will be over before you know it! The transition from fall/autumn into winter is a quick and rainy one over here.
This is where the fairies go for a sip of water.

Almost all the leaves fell off that tree in one afternoon. It was raining leaves!

And yes, it was wonderful to play in! Kicking up leaves is something I love doing, every year!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Very special people

If you are one of the very special people who actually viewed this blog, you might have noticed I've been changing things up a bit.
I'm still in the discovery stage of Blogger (to my shame, I must admit). Somehow I never really get anywhere, or get it to do what I want it to do. So after a few hours I just give up (Bad Sarah!). To me the layout and the look of this whole blog just feels kind of off, if you know what I mean.
I like the simplicity of it. And I might even doodle design my own header, but that's for when I grow up. 
I will probably change it around a bit in these coming days/weeks. I really do like blogging. And I do plan to stick with it. Even if it's not something I will do every day or every week. I see it as keeping a sort of journal. Even if I'm the only one who will ever read it, I know looking at these pictures of Maggie in ten years time will be worth it. I'll probably kick myself for not using a better camera, or for being a bad photographer, or for writing stupid jokes or "smart" remarks. But hey, you gotta start somewhere! 
If you do stumble upon this blog, please know you are more then welcome! I don't write for readers, but I do like it when people read what I have written!

When I made this blog I had planned for it to be about our Home. And all the cool DIY stuff I was planning to do. So when I didn't, and when we started to doubt if we would stay in our Home, I was a bit afraid of this blog. I know it probably sounds silly, but I felt like I failed. This blog, it's potential readers, our Home and myself. (I can be a tad dramatic at times.. did I tell you that?). So after a while of hiding I finally bit the bullet, and I must admit I do feel better now. Not all-the-way better, but better non the less. You see, hardly anyone around us knows we're thinking about moving to the apartment (see, how special you are?). We don't want all the questions and having to explain it all when we don't even know what it is we want to do at this point. It's not a big secret, but we are mostly private people, and I especially have a hard time filtering out other peoples comments and opinions. So having a place where it's "safe" to mention it does feel good.

If all goes well, we will probably stay at the apartment again this weekend. But first we have Maggie's big exam at doggy school this Saturday! It's her first exam, so keep your fingers crossed! I think we will probably fail, but that's okay. We plan to go ahead/repeat anyway, no matter if she passes or fails. She's still so young and she enjoys it so much! I do miss sleeping in on Saturday morning, but this way we'll appreciate that Sunday all the more! 

Maggie and one of her classmates playing after school. Do you know how hard it is to get a semi-decent picture of a moving pug?!? It's hard I tell you!
My mother and I are planning a little trip to the moors tomorrow. Mainly because I was getting a bit crazy thinking about the house/apartment, yes/no, stay/move situation but also because Maggie has never been there! There is even a spot where dogs are allowed off leash, so I'm sure she'll have the best time of her life! It's one of my favorite pieces of nature we have here, and I am lucky that my mother loves it too. So every once in a while we go up there to see the heather. I already had to promise Joris to take some pictures, so I will go and check the battery of my camera right now!

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Tale of Two Houses

We have two houses!
Did you know?
Well, we do.
It's not something we actually want at this point in our lives. When we decided to move in together and we bought our Home my husbands previous apartment was put up for sale.
Unfortunately, as of yet, it has not sold.

Everybody thought it would sell. But it didn't.
And to be honest our forever-Home is great, but the neighborhood might not be everything we had hoped for. It's nothing too serious, but it does create a seed of doubt.
And, lets face it, it really is no fun having to pay two mortgages for almost two years and with no end in sight. We had anticipated having to pay two mortgages for a while, just not this long...
And having no money to do anything fun, like paint for our Home or go see a movie or buy food, does take it's tole on you after a while...
It's not so bad that we can't pay those two mortgages, yet.
Let's just say I get that horrible stomachache when an unexpected bill lands on our doormat.

So, we came up with a plan.
We decided to go stay in our "other house' for the weekend, and called it a "mini vacation" in our "vacation Home"!
We wanted a change of scenery,  to get away from all the boxes of stuff, and unpainted stairs and other surfaces.
And, we wanted to try out how it would be if we would life there.
That is big!
Well, maybe not in world news, but big for us none the less!

Because of work and Maggie's doggy school we decided to go on our mini vacation from Saturday to Sunday.
One whole night!
Yes, I know, it doesn't sound like much, but we had to start somewhere, right?

Yes, I'm totally adding this  (be it, blurry) picture of Maggie and Joris at doggy school for extra brownie points!

So when we came there Saturday afternoon we started cleaning.
Isn't a mini vacation in our vacation home fun?!?
Not really, however, it had to be done.
After being empty for a long time, there was a lot of dust. Even with some occasional cleaning. Being empty is just really bad for a house. I think the apartment kinda liked that we were there, does that sound weird?
I actually do feel bad for a house or apartment when it's been sitting empty for such a long time. Like nobody loves it enough to want to live there. It's kind of sad.
And it's a great apartment.
The living room is really big, certainly bigger then our house.

Maggie liked it, and felt pretty much right at home.
Maggie in the empty apartment. She really is cute, no matter where she is!

 As you can see we do have a few things left in the apartment. These were things that we were trying to sell, but for now we were so glad we still had a tiny sofa and a bed! We even had a chair where we could put the laptop on so we could watch movies! Yay for things not selling!

Oh, and see that view? That's a pretty amazing view! The apartment is on the first (or second, depending on where you're from) floor. I have always loved being surrounded by trees! Of course, behind those trees is a road. A pretty busy one, but still.. TREES!

Unfortunately I always forget my camera (it is pretty heavy) an most of the time the pictures I take are, uhm, let's just say, I could do with a lesson or two.
So this is a cell phone picture of Joris and the other, third, window of the living room.
There is also a door to a balcony next to Joris. (to the left of the window, if that makes sense)
Joris in blue. With an other tree! I really hope they will never ever cut those trees!

Our weekend went pretty well. Of course it's not like staying in a hotel, or having all your stuff at home.. And "cooking" with just a microwave (built in, that's why it was still there) is clearly not my forte.

Dinner and a movie. That's how we roll at our "vacation home"!      

It's really hard giving up your dream home.
We bought this house in order to make it our forever Home.
We had French doors installed, spent weeks ripping off decades of wallpaper.
We got married here...
Maggie has a big yard to run around in.
There is no yard that comes with the apartment. There isn't even a spot where she is allowed to run off leash anywhere near there.
It might sound trivial to some people. Maybe even to most people, but things like that are important to me.

But, maybe it would be the wiser decision to sell the house and move (back) to the apartment. Who knows?
I guess it all comes down to numbers. Can we afford to wait. Do we want to wait. Will our house sell if we do put it on the market (statistically it has a far better chance then the apartment.. but still, that doesn't really mean any thing does it?).
As for now I guess we will go on more "mini vacations" in our "vacation home" to see how we like it, and to see if our furniture will fit (it won't. But that's to be expected if you go from a 4 bedroom house with an attic, a backyard with a shed, to a 2 bedroom apartment.). And mostly to get used to the idea of living there.
Unlike Joris I have never lived there. I've stayed there, but not a lot. We were mostly at my apartment, and then we bought a house.

The most important news is, of course, the fact that I am looking forward to decorating!
Either the "new" apartment, or the "old" house!
I am feeling the whole mountain-Mexican-rockies-'50's movies-sophisticated look. What do you think?!
I think it would be a wonderful look! Maybe even more so for the apartment, just because it has a bigger living room! And I do love decorating a new home!
Oh, and I can't wait to finally make a headboard for our bed! Something with particle board. I've always loved that rough looking particle board and I think I finally figured out how to make it into a huge headboard! As soon as we have decided where we are going to be living for the next year (or two or three) or so, I will make it! (because it's so big I don't want to make it before that time. We don't have a car, so moving (big) furniture can sometimes be a bit tricky..)
I am spending waaay too much time on eBay looking for that perfect Kilim pillow case, or that wonderful Mexican blanket! Mostly looking for now, but you never know, I might find an amazing deal, right? And looking keeps me motivated. And motivated means a lot to me right now.
And don't even get me started about Pinterest. No, really, you do not want to go there, trust me...
But I do think I owe Pinterest for most of my sanity for now. It is a great place to find inspiration. Not just for things to buy, but also (probably mostly, for me) things to make! Love it!

So, that's what we've been up to.
Exciting times to come, of that I am sure!

Okay, and just because I can..
One more picture of Maggie.
She is six and a half months old. She is getting so big! And puberty is most definitely coming, there is no denying that! But just looking at my little monkey-face makes me smile! And no matter where we will end up, we will have a wonderful place to live, because we will make it wonderful! With a cute little monkey-face to make us laugh!
She is so polite, leaving room for me on her pillow. One day I will join her, I'm sure of it!
I once bought a housewarming-gift for someone. I was broke, but I wanted to give something from the heart, and if possible, something funny. I ended up buying a fridge magnet. It read: "A house is not a home without a dog" or something silly like that. (I am sorry Wendy, for giving such a weird gift.)
But that phrase has always stuck with me, for over ten years.
Hmm, I wonder if they still sell those magnets..?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Just moved here

Well now..!
That was a long, and unexpected hiatus!
I never planned to just fall off the blog-world, but somehow I did.

One of the main reasons was, that I can't seem to be able to access my old Blogger account (where the original "Making a house, a Home" blog was) so I keeping up the blog was, well.. not possible.
And to be honest, not being able to log in and add to your blog is not very motivating.
However, lately I have been missing the opportunity to write, to share, even if it's just as a sort of diary for my future self. So I've started a "new" blog!
I've tried to copy my old posts from the "old" blog (, so it's as complete as possible.
I'm not sure all the links are working, so if anyone is having any trouble, just let me know.
I tried to find a good name for the new blog. I didn't want it to be the same as the old blog, and I wanted it to be "me". And let's be honest here, all the "good" names have been taken :p!
So, after looking for a while I settled for (ok, I wanted oldesarah, but that had been taken.. oh well!).
It's a combination of my first name (Sarah) and part of my new, married name (olde). My new, married name is ridiculously long, so that's why I use only a small part of it. And I like Olde. I like "old" things, vintage, antique or just plain kitsch! A friend of mine once said my home liked like his grandmother, I thought it was a wonderful compliment!
I'm still adding things, and rediscovering Blogger, but so far so good! Right?

So, Joris and I have been married a little over six months now. And for the most part it has been wonderful.
Sure, I'm still trying to find my way in our new town (village actually) and the house is still no where near finished!
It sounds as if we haven't been doing anything, but we have!
Or, I must say, Joris has!
He graduated!!! He now has his Bachelor degree!!!
I'll have to ask him what the English name is for his degree, but for now let's just say it has something to do with computers :p!
He has been working for six long years to get that degree! And he's not just been working at his degree, all that time he has kept his full time job! He got 4 hours off from work every week for school, but all the rest was done in his spare time.
To say I am proud of him feels like an understatement...

And, we decided it was time for a new family member.
No, not the human kind, the furry kind.
We got a puppy!

Meet Maggie!
This was the very first picture we have taken of her, only minutes after brining her home.
She is a pug puppy, born 18 February 2012. We got her on 18 April 2012, so when she was exactly 2 moths old.
Her name is Maggie, and she is the sweetest, smartest, prettiest, cutest pup in the world! (I'm just ignoring all the naughty things she does, of course)
The fact that she just happens to be my puppy doesn't have anything to do with that.
You know, I'm not bias or anything ;-)!

Of course I am!
But looking at that face, who wouldn't be?

Just look at that face..
Also taken the day we brought her home.

Sorry for the bad phone pictures, but I still haven't gotten the hang of making puppy pictures with my camera. For some reason the "cutest' pictures have all been taken with my phone.

After we got Maggie she became ill....
It's amazing how attached we got to her in only a short time, because we were heartbroken!
Luckily it was treatable. However while still recovering from her first illness, she developed pneumonia....
I can't tell you how frightened I was, and how sad I was for her that she was feeling poorly, again.
But, she finished her antibiotics, and is feeling a lot better, let's hope she keeps feeling better, knock on wood!
If she keeps feeling better she will be able to get her inoculations this week (they would not inoculate her whilst she was ill. Which is understandable, but also scary, because she is so vulnerable).
If she doesn't feel better we'll be at the vet anyway, to get her checked out again.
But, lets keep our fingers crossed everything will go well, and she can get inoculated, and that she is done being ill! It's time for her to be a happy, healthy pup!

That look get's me every time!

So, the blog has gotten a new home, as has Maggie!
I have missed writing, and I hope I get to do so more often now.
I might have a pup in my arms when I do, but I will!

Ok, just one more...

Aaaaw, stopped mid-play.
In her new harness, she got to wear for two days, then she grew out of it..!

Oh, and I have Instagram and Twitter!
If you want to check out more pictures of Maggie (and some other things as well) you're welcome to.
My Instagram name is oldesarah.
Oh, and for Twitter it's OldeSarah.
Yeah, I try to be consistent :p!