Friday, April 5, 2013

Just a quicky!

Just a quick update to my last post.
I got my Saltwater sandals in the day of my previous post, and I love them!
I have very big and wide duck-feet, so it's always a real challenge to find shoes that fit.
But these do! And I even like the way they look! Woohoo!
Now, of course the weather needs to warm up a bit before I know how they walk for long periods of time..
But I've been wearing them around the house and so far so good!

The skirt is also a new addition to my wardorbe.
It's a 100% cotton (which I prefer by far, especially for summer) and perfect for a nice summers day, I think!

I've also gotten on with painting the chair frames
The left is how I originally painted them, and the right one has a pearlescent copper paint on top.
I'm not quite sure how I like them. Even when dry it looks messy and streaky, and in some light the pearlescent paint just seems to disappear (and the frame looks gold again)..
And I am definitly not liking the way that paint paints, it's a real pain!
However, I think I do still prefer it to the left one, the gold one. In real life that was very green-gold, and sort of clashed with the blue/green on the chairs...
I just finished them, now fingers crossed and see how they turn out!

Now, what to do with that table top...?
So many options!


  1. Love the skirt, and saltwater sandals. I just got my first pair (well, since I was a little girl) a few weeks back. They are so comfortable, I love wearing them.

    1. I know! The Saltwaters are great!
      It's not really (or, well, not at all) sandal weather over here, but I know I'm going to be so happy with them this summer!

  2. Hee meis. Ik heb je instagram update gelezen, als je wil kletsen, ik ben er..